Old Bed / Dust / Paint Sheets

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Found 5th Aug 2010
Where would I be likely to get hold of some of these? I've tried freecycle and had no luck.

I'm planning on cutting the hedge which has over grown again and thought it would be easier to lay a few of these under the hedge to collect all the trimmings, rather than have to sweep them up afterwards.


Charity shops / car boot sales?

poundland - large ones

perhaps if u add where u are some kind HUKD'er might oblige you

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Just sweep them up, man!!How big is the hedge? I have two to do and … Just sweep them up, man!!How big is the hedge? I have two to do and sweeping the trimmings up after is the easy bit,lol.Why don't you just lay a load of bin liners down?Buying old sheets from the charity shops in Alnwick won't be cheap. Have you seen the prices they put on stuff?

I've just done the front garden man woman man It will be easier to just fold the sheets up rather than mess around picking bits of privet out of my lovely bark border haha

Never thought about poundland will check next time I'm there.

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Homebase are expensive for most things. Hopefully find some on Saturday morning and get the hedge cut that day.

Yes, we always used old counterpanes. http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii78/chesso_photos/animated%20smilies/hukdthumbsup2.gif
Mums tend to have a stock of old bedding put away !!

Local tip?


Buy a staircase dust sheet, they are 24ft x 3ft and made from cotton twill, exactly the right size and shape for hedges, just google staircase dust sheet
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