old country roses sets - where best to buy them?

    ive been wanting to buy this sets for a loooong time. anyone here knows wherei can get a good deal on this? seen on fleabay but a friend of mine suggest to drive down to stoke on trent.

    any advice pls.



    be careful on fleabay lot of dodgy country rose about, i would buy from a shop if it were me.


    Stoke on Trent used to be the place to go to get loads of good deals on china, glass etc.

    But, the factory shops have been closed down one by one just like the factories themselves, we went 2 weeks ago and were very dissapointed as now there is only one factory outlet store which has wedgewood and royal doulton.

    If it's quite a way for you to go I would have a good think about it first. Basically most of the stuff in the facotry outlet store is on their website under royal doulton.

    Hope this helps.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the advice....debenhams do country roses...n veryyy expensive

    will look around


    If you do decide to visit s-o-t and dont mind second hand , i saw a dinner set in longton ( about 1 mile from stoke ) today in `the old curiosity shop` also a tea set. : )
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