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Found 18th Nov 2017
Has the old fashioned PAYG deal disappeared ? PAYG seems to still incur a committed monthly cost.

My wife has a mobile phone with all but no use....a coupe of texts an the odd phone call.

Back in the day you could buy minutes without them expiring. A perfect deal for my wife.

is this type of PAYG truely gone
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3 do a payg , something like 2p a text , got a dual sim phone last Easter and kept the 3 SIM card with £10 credit to access wuntu app, credit is still working .

My son son has a payg with tesco , so I'm sure others must still supply as well.
All the networks and most MVNO's offer true PAYG, just don't buy 30 day bundles. And make a chargeable event every 84 to 180 days depending on provider.

I have PAYG SIMs from 3, O2 Classic and Asda Mobile (EE).
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3 network on there 123 sim, which you an buy for less than £1 in most supermarkets and home&bargain etc. That is what all my family use. 3p min call to any network, 2p a text and 1p per mb of data, and credit only expires when actually used up and not every 30 days like some networks. £10 credit last me well over a month, sometimes longer.

You can order a sim here for free, three.co.uk/Sto…_Go, only good advantage of buying from the supermarket you can sometimes find a good mobile number as it is displayed on the back of packet, but for some reason the ones from poundland have the number covered.
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I hardly use my phone and have a Tesco Sim which I top up for £10 when necessary. My husband also has the same deal but has his account to top up automatically with £10 whenever his account goes below £10.
I'm on GiffGaff PAYG and it's a true PAYG. No need to buy bundles (Goody bags at GiffGaff) unless you want to.
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