Old Ikea Print

Found 6th Nov 2007
Hoping someone on here can help me out.

Was in Ikea ages ago and I saw a HUGE print of the Twin Towers in black and white.

At the time I didnt have anywhere to hang it so the OH wouldn't let me get it :-( you know what women are like.

Anyway, when finally got into a house I could put it in, Ikea stop doing it.

Anyways, like I said the picture is massive, dont know exact dimensions, was in black and white and was just a picture of the twin towers and was in a silver frame. The same one was in Steve McDonalds old flat in Corrie if that helps anyone.

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Presumably you've tried Ebay . . .
Sorry yeah, should've said. I have tried ebay but cant find anything like it. Thanks for the thought though. Have left some rep.

Is it this one you are after?
Not that one. Although a nice picture. This was a landscape print and was quite close to the towers themselves. i.e. no other structures in the picture.

Thanks though. Repped
Lots of different ones on this site . . . you might find the same one or even one you like better :thumbsup:

i have found [url]www.art.com[/url] to have some good pics and if you enter the code SHOP you get 20% off your order expires today though
Lol I know the print your after... My hubby wanted it when we were in Ikea ages ago & I wouldn't let him get it :giggle:
See. Goes to prove. Women are mean!!!!!

I've got one on my wall!!!

It was photographed by Ralf Uicker, so that might help in your search.

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