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    I have an old iPhone 4 which was (I think, not 100% sure) was locked to O2. I haven't used it for many years.. now a friend needed a spare phone so factory restored it.. since then any sim I put it says sim not supported. I have tried several things it doesn't work. How can I unlock it?
    Thanks in advance!!


    If I remember right, I think you have to plug it into itunes to unlock it again with your new sim in. Hope that helps.

    Please do let me know if this works, I have exactly the same problem

    it needs to be unlocked on the apple servers if you haven't done this already you will need to request it from o2 or you could try one of the unlocking service

    O2 unlock for free if your a pay monthly customer

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    I don't have O2 sim anymore, i am using giffgaff now.. is there a way to unlock myself? Or to find out which network it is locked to :-(
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