Old Lady Drivers....

Found 10th Sep 2010
...why, seriously why???

Lets be honest, in GENERAL blokes make better drivers. and OLD people drive LAME! so when u are both old and a lady, just abuse the bus pass u got.

seriously they got zero clue, if they arent driving slower then they can walk, they will have the dumbest road positions....

pointless rant over
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so what you're saying is that you're not a fan of old lady drivers?

Lets be honest, in GENERAL blokes make better drivers

WHAT! Where on earth did you get this piece of info from!
but they need to drive to the post office on pension day,get their pension,slowly count it,making sure to put all the coins in a separate section in their purse,put the purse in pocket,then ask for 2 tv licence stamps,take purse out,pay,count change,put purse away,then ask for 2 second class stamps,purse out again etc etc ad infinitum................all the while telling the person behind the counter their life story with no regard for the queue behind them at all.

one day I shall run amok in my local post office.
In the last month i've done about 1500 motorway miles and the amount of old women sitting put in the middle lane was a joke. Death is the only solution.

WHAT! Where on earth did you get this piece of info from!

Common knowledge.
sticking my tongue out at you MB

The Answer Is ...In a study released by Quality Planning, an analytics … The Answer Is ...In a study released by Quality Planning, an analytics company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers, women came out on top.The study analyzed different kinds of vehicle code violations (traffic violations) and then compared how many times men were cited versus women. The conclusion was that men break more traffic laws and drive more dangerously than women. Because they violate laws designed to make the roads safer, men cause more accidents and expensive damage.

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Men>Old Men Drivers>Women>Old Lady Drivers

1/ That's an American article.

2/ Women are considered safer by insurers because they don't report accidents and pay for the damage.

women have less well developed spatial awareness, therefore struggle with distance/gap judgement when compared with men.

they do however multi-taskbetter, ideal when applying mascara whilst adjusting the stereo.
You'll be there soon MB
And the shrinkage with age is a problem too !!!! a lot of the 'blue rinses' ive seen loose on the roads can barely seen over the steering wheel oO its scary !
At least the little old ladies will come and ask for help and do refresher courses to get up to date - something no old male driver will do

When I worked in a bodyshop it was the little old ladies who had bumped the gate post and had small bumps and scrapes to their cars - but it was the men who had major accidents involving other vehicles and / or other people. And it was a little old man who took the back bumper off my parked car then said he hadnt noticed he had hit anything when I ran down the road and stopped him at the traffic lights !!
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