Old Lady puzzle

    This is a old puzzle, and there are different variations, but can you work it out?

    Three old ladies decide to buy a television. They see a second-hand black and white set for £30.The manager feels generous, he tells the assistant to give the old ladies £5 back.

    But the assistant gives each old lady only £1 and keeps £2 for himself. So the old ladies have spent £9 each, £27 in total. The assistant has £2 in his pocket.

    Where has the other £1 gone?


    Good puzzle, dont really want to post the answer because then other people cant try and work it out, will PM you

    Ill give anyone struggling a clue: Don't look at it the wrong way round!

    Its a very deceiving little riddle.

    It is very deceiving - can see why people get confused I love things like this!


    Original Poster

    Kelly pm'ed the correct answer:thumbsup:

    Any chance of people editing their answers so other people can try this brain teaser?

    Glad to see posts have been changed - I didnt post until someone had said the answer since I wanted other people to be given the chance to work it out for themselves.

    Remember this puzzle fro years ago, still can't remember if I ever got the answer, my head hurts now so I give up.

    If anyone can ease the pain then a little pm to me with the answer would be appreciated and worth some rep...:thumbsup:

    i think ive got it :thinking:

    I will PM you (and anyone else who wants me to)


    I will PM you (and anyone else who wants me to)

    Rep added thanks

    I can go asking the question now and sound

    :giggle: Glad I could help!

    Will tell anyone else who wants to know
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