Old megadrive game

I want to play a old mega drive game but i just can't think of what it is called. It was like you controlled a little person and i can remember jumping in the clouds.

Long shot but worth a try


Alex Kidd?

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google says

fantastic dizzy or Mr nutz

probs both wrong lol

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none of them

I know the game, used to love that one, but cant remember what he was called either. Will try and search for him.

Hmmm.. last time I googled Mr Nutz my eyes were bleeding

rainbow islands?

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no I don't think i will ever find it

any more info?

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hmm, I'm really not sure. I only have very vague memories of it. I can remember the music changing after every level.

didnt he used to wear blue and white clothes?

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didnt he used to wear blue and white clothes?

I really can't remember :P

Blues Brothers? I remember the game on the Amiga, there was a level where you had to jump around on clouds. Not too sure if it came out on Mega Drive though.

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no I think it was a bit like mario

wonder boy is the one i think ur on about my dad has it on the wii

Cool Spot?

on one of the levels did you have to work your way up to the top by jumping on grass ledges and clouds?

I really remember a game like this, It used to be my sisters fave game, the one im thinking of. I will ask her on facebook see if she replies soon!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Boy_(video_game) that one

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wonder boy is the one i think ur on about my dad has it on the wii

YES! I love you!!

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Just watching a youtube video and i can still remember the music from over 10 years ago. Love it

you welcome if you have a wii you can get it in the marketplace

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Don't have a wii, will have to download emulator i think.

have fun


just in case anyone wanted to know what it looked like


Wonderboy 3 FTW :-)
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