Old Nintendo Switch

Posted 31st Dec 2019
I'm just after opinions on buying a used switch, the older version.
I can get it without any games for £190, been told it's about 6 month.
Is it worth it, what problems should I look out for.
Also what's cheapest I can get Mario Kart for at the moment. thanks
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i got new upgraded switch brand new for 230, your call.
Where are you based?
Brand new switch with MARIO kart is £279
And you can get some discounted via eBay deals etc from Argos
I’d personally go new and wait for a ebay discount if you’re in no rush
krazzy31/12/2019 14:41

Where are you based?

i am not selling. i bought it for that much.
After having both I think it would definitely be worthwhile buying the new version. The battery life improvement is well worth it.
AMaky31/12/2019 14:59

i am not selling. i bought it for that much.

Ah ok
Sounds like I might be better waiting for an offer on the new version
If you get the older version, there's a chance it isn't 'patched' so you can 'unlock' it.
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