Old Paper £10 Notes

Posted 7th Feb
I’ve just found 4 old paper £10 notes in an old coat pocket.

Do I need to exchange these at the Bank of England or will my own bank allow me to pay them into my account?

Thanks for any help.
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Officially Bank of England - they have address to send them listed on their website (or you can go in if you are in C London). No harm in asking your bank's local branch - they might take them.
Any bank will allow you to cash old coins into your account so I don’t see why old notes should be any different
Go to any branch of Barclays. One of my friends who works there says they still get people exchanging £1 notes.
Thanks for your replies. It seems a lot of hassle to send them in so I’ll try asking my bank first but if not I will have to send them in or wait until I’m in London. Sending them in seems a bit risky yet £40 is probably not worth sending by insured post.
Had some changed by RBS this week, no issues.
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Banks will take them but you will have to deposit to your account. Had one at XMas btw, that's how I know.
i found a couple of old £20 notes in the drawer a few years ago and i paid it into my bank account at natwest. technically speaking they can be exchanged at the bank of england, but your bank will probably accept them if you pay them into your account. that is, if you are a customer.
Any high street bank will still take them
I had mine changed in the local post office just a few weeks ago.
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