Posted 13th Dec 2022
My other half has a very old (15 years, maybe 20) Nokia pay as you go (Vodafone). He turns it on once or twice to recieve a message and sends the occasional birthday text etc. He turned it on today and it says "sim card registration failed". We took the sim card out and gave it a wipe but it didn't help.
I've tried contacting Vodafone but couldn't get through to a human.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Also, if we do need to get a new phone and pay as you go sim, will we be able to use the same number if this sim has died? Hoping that's not the case though.
Best case: we want to keep this phone and sim and get it working again.
Next best: new phone, same number.
Thanks in advance for any advice. It's a pain because he needs it to get into websites etc when they send confirmation codes, so need to sort as soon as possible...
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    your best bet is to take it into a vodafone shop, but do take care; they will want to sell you everything in the shop and all the services they provide !
    Thanks. We're shielding, so we can't do that at the moment. If I could just work out how to talk to a human, that would help. I couldn't get anywhere on the phoneline or the web chat thing.
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    Is it too long since the Sim card was used. The networks have various limits often 3-9 months.
    Then they 'close the account'.
    He said they sent a message a while ago asking him to confirm the account was still active. He did reply. It's definitely been used in the last 6 months. Not sure about the last 3. If they've closed it, can it be reopened?
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    What KodaBear said, but USE THE DARN THING once in a while. Make a call each month to be sure.
    (I think RWG is 90 days max)
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    Inactive account = ceased / expired = loss of number.

    Voda PAYG September 2022 keep-alive requirement that likely also applies to earlier accounts:

    If you don’t use the services for 90 consecutive days, we will send you a SMS notifying you to top up your account or make a chargeable outbound call (but not calls to 191), send a chargeable SMS or use your data.

    If after 45 days from the first notification you fail to do one of the above, we will send you a final notification via SMS for you to use the services.

    If the services remain unused after 45 days from the final notification, we will disconnect your mobile equipment and you will lose any credit held on your account.

    If you wish to leave Vodafone to move to another provider and keep your number, please note the following:
    i. If you are disconnected due to inactivity, then you will lose the right to keep your number.
    ii. If you have been warned about a potential disconnection (at 90/135 days of inactivity),and
    wish to switch your service to another provider you can request a PAC prior to the disconnection date.
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    Consider RWG as source of replacement PAYG SIM.
    The one-off £5 credit or one-off £15 credit options with auto-renewing inclusive allowances would suit a low user.
    Keep-alive via at least one inclusive freebie call/txt within once every 90 days to avoid restriction and subsequent notice if still unused at 6 months.
    Check if existing / replacement handset is unlocked for RWG (Now/EE).

    One-off £5 credit with freebie auto-renewing monthly 50mins + 50 SMS + 250MB data…ta/

    One-off £15 credit with freebie auto-renewing monthly 100mins + 100 SMS + 1.5GB data (may revert to 750MB auto-renewal from 01 Jan 2023)…ta/

    Possible reversion URL for the £15 option active from Jan 2023:…ta/
    One-off £5 credit with freebie auto-renewing monthly 50mins + 50 SMS + 250MB data…ta/

    THIS DEAL NOT AVAILABLE 'at present'.
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    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I finally got through to someone today and they said it will be reconnected within 24 hours.
    Good result. Respect to Voda, but maybe consider moving to the RWG one-off £15 plan if the handset & locality supports Now/EE.
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