Our local Council recently gave us a new wheelie bin, for recycle stuff, meaning the old black box is no longer needed

    Doing some gardening recently I was at our local tip site getting rid of rubbish, where I saw a pile of these old boxes.

    I asked if could have some, really just for collecting more rubbish.

    However, I decided to use 3 pairs (one upside down and one on top) with a bit of old timber to give instant staging for my greenhouse.

    So that's tip number 1

    Now tip 2, from my local paper, people without gardens have been using these boxes for planters.

    Any other tips for these boxes ???? let us know



    Any other tips for these boxes ????
    No but I find the blue mushroom boxes very handy for storage as they stack on top of each other, have a place for a "contents card" and you can nusually get them free.

    what a decent thread.

    bump ,

    You could grow potatoes in them.
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