Old Sata board needs sata drivers....

Trying to format an old P4 PC. It used to have an IDE drive in but someone put a SATA one in at some point and it needs you to install the drivers at the beginning when re-installing windows.

This does not have a floppy and does not see them on a usb stick. However I have my own unattended version of Windows with everything on it.

this gets past the driver issue but it freezes every tme on 34 minutes, must be something to do with all the drivers I have streamed into it.

Anyway I have an old small IDE drive here. If | use that for the OS and the sata as a slave will the slave drive still need the drivers or not?



No it won't as it will /should use the HDD as storage. When it is set up its easier to install it anyway and if you want you can then install the OS on to the Sata drive and change the boot sequence

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Cheers mate. Will stick to leaving the OS on the ide and the SATA as a slave. Only an old internet PC a mate asked me to fix.

Thanks again.
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