Old school boombox for mp3 player

    Are there any of these things available to buy?
    What I'm looking for is an 80s style boombox much like this:…jpg

    But is designed to allow mp3 players to play out of it. I've seen the Lasonic one that was shown at CES and thought it was amazing but its not out yet and probably will be very hard to get hold of when it is released.

    Size is not really an issue or price at this moment in time

    Thanks for any help


    why not buy a genuine 80's one and use an itrip (or similar)? Not perfect sound but i'm guessing that's not what you're after :-D

    I agree. Pick up a good condition used "original" one from Ebay. Hitachi,Philips etc. All it needs is a line in/phono connection and use the lead from headphone out in to the back of it. Like this -
    Or get a new JVC RVNB10 :thumbsup:
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