Old Style Hot Uk Deals......

    Can anyone remember what the old style hot uk deals looked like?

    All i can remember was a matchstick strike packet with the match beside it, .....god iv even forgot what the layout looked like ....this is bad lol must be getting old :):)


    we were the young bloods back then!! the original vikings

    Thought it was easier to search on the old one but being an old fart and previosuly working for a company where one of the sayings was change is constant or something like that! - memory is bad since having kids!! - I think I have finally got the hang of it!

    when is the next update?

    the old site is 10x better than the new one

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    the old site is 10x better than the new one

    see i thot that for a while....but iv kind of grown to like this one .....never had much choisce i suppose lol :thumbsup:

    I remember the grief that decision made! From this a splinter group called UKdealshare lasted about 20 minutes!

    Looking back, the decision was the right one. The time they made the decision.......that was disastrous. What idiot gave them the green light to change it a few days before christmas.......plums!

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    Yeh i personally thought the "change over" timing was a bit out of the ordinary....i do remember it now!
    changing just before Xmas was pretty bad lol

    Wasnt it all over the websites etc about the change and what bad timing it was

    I still stand by and say that the site Paul has now is much better
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