old tv series : need help finding and remembering title

    i no thisis so random, but i used to watch it when i was younger, it was like a 50/60's based thing i thought it was called head over heals, there were girls that i think were at a girls school and im sure thay used to go across the road to like a bar or a cafe??

    i no this is vague and random but i really wanna try and find this, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    also i think it was on ITV and the theme tune was the song not sure what it was called but its got head over heals in it lol random sorry!!!


    Head over heels

    I remember this show, it was on around the same time as another similar show called 'lipstick on your collar'. As far as I can remember they 'both' wern't bad at all. Not something i'd go to the bother of tracking down to watch again. But if they were repeated on tv i'd probably give them a watch, good luck with finding the show though mate. :thumbsup:

    Head over heels it was called

    Hope that puts you out of your misery!!!
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