Old vinyl (my grandparents') - any worth or chuck?

    Mostly in good condition. Folk like:

    Albert Whelan
    Dance Band & Organ
    Herbert Payne
    Irving Kaufmann
    Jack Leon and his band
    Jay Whidden & His Band
    Jock Lorimer
    Jock Macgraw
    Miss Carrie Herwin
    Mr Jack Charman
    Mr Jas. Brown
    Mr Mack Culley
    Mr P A Hope
    New Symphony Orchestra
    Prince's Orchestra
    Royal Guards Band
    Savoy Havana Band at the Savot Hotel London
    The Peerless Orchestra
    The Royal Albert Hall Orchestra
    Tommy Handley
    Vernon Dalhart, Carson Robison, Adelyn Hood
    Will Fyffe
    Zonophone Orchestra

    Any thoughts?



    do a google search for record buyers i sold a load of old ones last year which i found in my parents attic for £100.


    no sentimental value???

    :w00t: don't think you should chuck them:roll: someone would love them i'm sure.

    Original Poster


    no sentimental value???

    Just having to be ruthless - I'm a bit of a hoarder and I need space for the kids stuff.

    Thanks for the tips. Tried some searches on ebay and matched a couple of the "artists" but not the actual records. One general google seach hit upon a website that invited lists. Maybe try it. Just not really sure where to start.

    Ta guys.

    Or a charity shop would take them.
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