Older Football Shirts

    Is there a site that sells last seasons football shirts etc.? I'm looking for some cheap ones to lounge around the house in:thumbsup: eBay seems to have a lot of fakes and so I'd prefer to use an actual company


    Have a look here @ ]Toffs

    Not exactly cheap from what I can see.

    Your local Sports World is usually a good bet for last years shirts. I got a Man City one for £8 last year.

    I don't actually support them since I don't follow football, but I do live close to the ground so it seemed the right thing to do.

    What do you expect for a retro shirt....

    Unless I'm losing my marbles the request was for "cheap" shirts from last season. Not for expensive shirts from 50 odd years ago.

    Thanks for the post though. It was worth a try.


    Thanks for the post though. It was worth a try.

    Hey thanks, not a problem. I am here to help.....:whistling:
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