Oldest Android phone you still use daily?

Found 17th Dec 2017
I really struggle to justify buying a new phone when my current one, a first gen Moto 4G running lineageos with a 64gb microsd, continues to work fine.

Is anyone else using anything older for day to day use?
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If you have a phone that works then no need to buy a new one.
If you have a phone that works then no need to buy a new one.
Samsung s2, dropped it a dozen of times (no glass break) still running solid although yes I need to get a phone that my 4g sim works on. I bet the people who see my phone probably think I'm a cheapo haha, but yea love the phone
Had a Samsung s3 I used daily for music and podcasts. Binned it last month as died. I had to root it and run cyanogen mod to keep it going. However.. Anyone using a phone pre kit kat should consider upgrading for security I hear. I read that China don't want the general trash from America because of the amount of lithium batteries mixed in with it.. This constant upgrading for the sake of it is a terrible for the environment.
Moto G has always been a good phone, especially for the price. I would quite happily go for it if my phone failed on me and the Android OS was secure enough
Nexus 4 ...still going strong
SG4 - still a great phone.
Still got my Nokia 3310.
Using the Note 8, looking forward to the next model
My phone is older than Android :P

Although after 11 years it's pretty much falling to pieces so It'll be replaced very soon.
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