Oldies and Technology at Christmas

    I bought my parents a very basic mobile phone for Christmas...they are total technophobes...and love the mobile!!!

    I had to take them (over the landline) how to turn it on, and to accept an incoming call - and they think its the work of Jesus. Also bought my Dad a Lairdship (I know, but!), and he's thrilled. Apparently he's 'the only Laird with a mobile' according to my mum.

    You have to love the joy of Christmas, dont you?

    Now how to get them to make a call! They also have a laptop which they daren't switch on !!!

    Anyone else have similar stories?


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    Im 37, pretty much up on techmology but im ******ed if I know how to END a call on my E900 LOL.

    My Mum got a DVD player a few years back and asked me how do you re-wind the DVDs back to the beginning when you have watched them

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    Awww sweet.

    Makes me wonder what's going to be around that we dont understand in 40-50 years time!

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    Yay - mum's made her first phonecall on her new mobile.

    There is a God
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