Posted 28 November 2023


I know that Oled TV's have been around few years. One thing that was off putting was the unreliability of the panels.

I find myself in the market for a new TV and am looking for some views on the above. What is the life expentancy of Oleds verses LED panels?

Thanks for looking.
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    Easily resolved with a £20 firestick or similar.
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    I've just bought a new TV I wanted top of the range so I looked at Oled and decided it wasn't for me with issues like burn in which I wanted to avoid at all costs as it would worry me.

    I went for a top of the range mini led Neo QLED just as expensive as an OLED because the reviews I saw with other top of range oleds, the reviews were saying they virtually identical in picture quality to a LG G3 and S95C and after receiving it it is shockingly good and I never would have imagined it could be so awesome.

    I could never go back to a regular LED TV and glad I have hopefully avoided any future burn in although it does have a 10yr burn in warranty.

    I'm not knocking OLED in anyway I'm just saying there are some fantastic top of the range alternatives that are arguably just as good in the Neo QLED range. (edited)
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    The 10 year burn in warranty is a joke towards LG from Samsung over oled burn in 

    it will never get burn in so technically pointless 
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    OLED's are much like EV's.

    Plenty of scare stories on the internet about them yet people who have them love them and have zero issues with them.

    I have a near 7yr old OLED and its perfect. Newer OLEDs are also more reliable than the first gen that were released.
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    OLED panels will wear out quicker than LCD/LED panels and you also have screen burn to deal with which is still an issue with current OLED TV's. I would love an OLED TV but we often watch a lot of Sky News here, leave Sky Q paused for long periods and leave the CCTV screen on when we're not watching anything on TV so for us, as a main TV an OLED TV wouldn't last very long.

    One thing I don't miss about the Plasma days is worrying about screen burn.
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    Our new samsung has a screen saver that pops up after about 10 minutes and moves some patterns around on a black screen, not sure if it comes on when i pause virgin box will have to check but it definitely comes on for all the TV's apps such as netflix
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    I've had an oled for 3 years and is still in perfect condition. Has been used daily for about 5 hours, with mixed viewing.
    I wouldn't go back to LCD.
    As long as I can get 5-8 years out of the oled I'm happy.
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    Agreed. I wouldn't go back either
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    It is like not having a smart phone because your Nokia 3210 can be dropped and won't smash...
    Oled is just worth the risk tbh. Just like kuro before it.
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    Had my first OLED for 6 years, and still going strong now even though i've recently bought a new one. You can get image retention on any panel if misused even LCD/LED.

    Mini LED might be worth a look as an alternative. (edited)
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