Oliver Postgate RIP

    For those of us who are old enough to remember, and for those of us who are too young to have ever seen any Oliver Postgate kids TV show, I thank you. RIP.
    Noggin the Nog
    Ivor the Engine
    The Pogles
    Pogle's Wood
    and my favourite.. "The Clangers"
    And, they don't make them like they used to........…tml…on1


    Original Poster mod

    Original Poster mod

    I can rember most of them... I was suprised that there was only about 19 episodes of bagpuss make... I used to watch it all the time when I was ickle... Very sad..

    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="SandyBrown"]I don't mean it's very said that I remember most of them or that I watch bagpuss all the time... I meant it's sad Mr Postgate past away..[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Thanks for the happy memories, the master of classic 70's kids tv

    He was a very clever man and had an amazing mind and imagination to create those fantastic characters. I loved Bagpuss as a child, my mum grew up with The Clangers, we both have happy memories associated with them, good times.

    rest in peace

    I have a Clanger on my bedside table


    I have a Clanger on my bedside table

    I often drop them....:oops:

    He done alot of the good ones.... Well from my childhood...

    Noggin the Nog.

    Now that's got me going all nostalgic.

    Where's the modern day equivalent?


    i never knew him by name but thanks for the good times and memories as a child

    thats 2 good posts i seen from you tonight andy

    thanks for the leeds dvd post also

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    Noggin the Nog.Now that's got me going all nostalgic.Where's the modern … Noggin the Nog.Now that's got me going all nostalgic.Where's the modern day equivalent?

    This is a good start, and thanks for the question that prompted the answer....…-cu

    So sad to say goodbye to Oliver Postgate - may he RIP. Thanks for making a generations of kids laugh and for giving those generations many fond memories, that hopefully will live for ever. I loved Ivor the Engine and Noggin the Nog.
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