Omega or Breitling watches?

    I'm after either a Omega or Breitling watch for me and my wife, anyone know of any good places to buy?

    So far the best I can find is at goldsmiths going with 12 months interest free and 16% quid co, which seems pretty good!

    Thanks in advance.


    Got my Omega Seamaster from ''.

    Superb price and fast postage.

    If you've got Tesco clubcard vouchers use them as deals at goldsmiths i.e £50 of clubcard vouchers are worth £200 off at goldsmiths.…ery

    I don't know about deals, but my Breitling rocks!!!!!

    I used to work at Beaverbrooks and they normally do a 3 year interest free around this time of year on all watches over £750, if that's any help?

    Breitling all the way, just spells quality, bought one for my partner for his engagement present and it runs like clock work (excuse the pun)

    I would be more impressed if I got a Breitling than a Omega, I'm not up on watches, but Omega? perhaps I'm not with it, but I would go Breitling, Tag or Raymond weil

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    Thanks for the suggestions, i'll have a look!

    Yeah my top choice would be Breitling, followed by Omega. If we can't afford either of these would go for the Raymond Weil as they are the cheaper option, don't fancy TAG at all.

    Whatever you do, make sure it's a reputable dealer and that you get the service book/warranty stamped!

    Plenty of fakes out there.

    Go to official websites of these brands and they all say that none of their products are sold on the internet (so where are the e-tailers getting them from?)
    Also, my local jewellers in southampton did VAT off (-17.5%) on my watch after a bit of bargaining. If you're buying multiples (i.e. 2), I'd want a 50% discount on one of the watches, which I'm sure they'd do (i.e. 2 x £2000 watches down to £3500 which is a 25% discount).
    If you do intend to use tesco vouchers at Goldsmiths, they won't do any bargaining... so for a debit card / cash price at an independent retailer (eg 20% discount on RRP), Goldsmiths won't go any lower than the RRP if you pay by Tesco Deals Tokens. In any case, from my experience with Goldsmiths they'll only give you a ~5% discount if you pay cash anyway, which is pretty lousy on jewellery.
    I have an omega -- looks a lot less 'busy' than a Breitling but it depends on what you're after. Breitlings are a bit clunky and one of their models even emits a signal if you're in distress so that a helicopter can pick you up after an accident in a place. My omega however tells the time quite beautifully :-)
    Tags / Raymond Weills are consultant's watches / mid-range, a bit above the Emporio Armani ones that everyone seems to wear nowadays but below other classical watch brands.
    Take a look at for independent advice.


    Breitling all the way!! Know someone that has one, and they are absolutely stunning!!
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