Found 15th Apr 2009
We have got really bad thunder and lightening here in Birmingham and its soooo scary.

Anyone else got it?

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We had a rumble of thunder at about 7am here in Wigan, some rain but that's it so far.

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Its getting closer to me and i hate it

just started here in stoke on trent.. i hate it


Nothing here...........but i love thunder storms. Mother Nature doing her stuff.

Great weather down in Dorset

no London is another grey overcast dismal day.

Just a bit of thunder in Warwickshire lightening though


fog here..... boring.

hopefully thunder later though! love it!

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Well its stopped thank god, have just spent the last hour hiding under the duvet lol

Yep, I live in Shirley and it was really going at around 7,30, it was great !! I love a good thunderstorm.

Mist in the North East.

Can barely see across the street.

Huge clashes of thunder and lightning in was so dark as well.

Borning fog for me:-(

We were woke up by it at 4.30 this morning - me and hubby thought it was an earthquake at first lol

It was soooo loud!

lucky you, just rain up here

We had 2 thunderstorms competing t 03:30 this am - very loud and scary. Then lots of rain and left it very misty. i am in Northants.

had a little bit of lightning earlier, it was a pain, put me right off playing need for speed, keprt flashing and distracting me
Apart from that it's been a lovely day in sunny Suffolk, not a rain cloud in sight and very warm and bright

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