OMG £41 for my daughters ballet outfit

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Found 10th Jan 2009
I went to buy my 4 year old a ballet outfit today from local dance shop. A leotard, flimsey skirt, socks and shoes cost £41.
I was gobsmacked!
Was I ripped off?

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Just hope she dosent give it up, or grow!

You weren't ripped off, ballet is bleedin' well expensive. Still cheaper than Irish dancing though!


can you put a price on your daughter's happiness?

only you can judge that


Seeing as she's won't fit it about 2 months. Expensive hobby this one will be. lol

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Just hope she dosent give it up, or grow!

I have kept all the packaging, just in case, I am ready to fleabay it!

The skirt can be let down at the hem, so you'll get a good while out of it, the leotard will stretch so fingers crossed you'll get a year out of it, and if you've bought leather pumps they stretch too, so it should all last you a year - not bad really.

Where abouts are you, saw a little girl get kitted out the other day and I think that came to £45.

have you seen the ones in John Lewis, (think they only come in light pink), if memory serves me right they might be slightly cheaper but cant see them online

My sister sells all my nieces ballet outfits on ebay. ( well used to) I think my niece has stopped now.
But she found buying and selling on there much cheaper.

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I feel even more ripped off now I have found the same for £18 on line…93/

I shall know for next time!!!

sounds about right my little girl who is 5 does ballet has been for 2 yrs now and its not a cheap hobby lol

I bought everything bar DD's ballet shoes online as I couldn't believe the in-shop prices. And yes, she was off ballet months later


I feel even more ripped off now I have found the same for £18 on … I feel even more ripped off now I have found the same for £18 on line shall know for next time!!!

OMG, that is a GREAT deal! Almost enough to make me drag her back to class ;-)

Good God, makes me pleased my girls have grown up ! But now we have a summer ball looming (only last year it was the prom !) costs a fortune !

Don't feel ripped off. It's a lovely hobby. I have two daughters both doing ballet , the elder one for 13years. The local ballet shop is more expensive but you are able to try things on and exchange items which don't fit. I have bought items from the internet and ebay but with varying success as some things have been poor quality or tiny sizes which I have been unable to exchange.
It has been a pleasure to watch them dance as they have grown up and worth every penny for lessons and dancewear. I hope she enjoys it.

25 years ago i remember mum paying 6/7 quid for ballet shoes so sounds reasonable

If she starts tap as well you are really in trouble, the shoes are more than that on their own!
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