OMG 9.58 SECONDS

    There is only one


    New 100m record?

    8 second 100m coming soon?


    New 100m record?

    yeah bolt just got i needed to tell you who lol...the guys a machine!

    like **** off a shovel!



    8 second 100m coming soon?


    wow .1 faster then me (srs)


    A second faster than Don Lipincott in 1912, 1 sec in almost 100 yrs

    beyond belief really what bolt does-only way anyone else is gonna win a gold medal is for bolt to get injured tbh-nobody will ever come close.

    not quite as fast as me when swmbo says bed time :w00t:

    just seen it, guy is amazing, fair do's to our girl also

    hes unreal

    wonder how many "special supplements" dwain would need to take to come close to that:whistling:

    Bolt recokons he can do 9.4s Id like to see that

    didnt look like he was flat out ....

    Gay for 9.71 , 0.2 more than the old record and was a distant second. how gutted must he be!
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