OMG! Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie

Just saw it on IMDB, looks bad though as they wear shades and look gangsta


looks awful, i used to love the cartoon

This was announced ages ago.

It stars Jason Lee.

Watched the trailer on youtube - Looks horrid.

Oh dear god no, please no, I couldn't cope with more than 5 minutes of those squeaky voices

I think it looks semi decent.

saw this advertised about a month or 2 ago, they have separate cardboard cut outs at the cinema of Alvin Simon and what's his name Theodore, doo doo do do dodo write the theme tune! sing the theme tune

Dear Hollywood,
Please leave my childhood alone
Everyone aged 18 and over

seen this advertised about 2 months ago.
Looks lame - definately worth a visit though.
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