OMG grass covered mini !!!!!!!! only £5995

    WTF you cant be serious!!!!!…bd2


    Original Poster!!qnlqoQ!m0~$(KGrHgoOKjMEjlLmRfcUBK,usv7ZQw~~_35.JPG

    Wtf Is Dis Real


    guess they've got a point though good promotional car for someone with the right signage


    Wtf Is Dis Real


    Original Poster

    driving this would be a pain in the grass

    Glass Electric Sunroof, (Although covered in Grass) As is the Back side windows.

    Is this classed as a green car or not?

    I saw a grass covered Smart car in City a few years ago, it was a grass company's - wicked advertising as I will never forget it! :giggle:

    Here it is!
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