OMG how awful - The Togo National Football team have been attacked with machine gun fire for 20 minutes on their bus whilst travelling in Angola for the 2010 African Cup of Nations

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Found 8th Jan 2010
News just coming through on Sky Sports news now
No news of how serious the injuries are yet


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More info from BBC ]HEREbut all a bit sketchy at the moment


Absolutely horrific.

Thats terrifying - imagine the fear they must have felt - hope everyone gets off that bus alive


Woah, that's bad. I hope the injuries are not serious.

from report on BBC only 2 injured so far thank goodness!!

Several Togolese footballers have reportedly been injured, some seriously, after their team bus was fired upon with machine guns in Angola.

A Togo official said the bus driver was killed and four people were wounded in the attack.


from report on BBC only 2 injured so far thank goodness!!

Driver has been killed apparently and four others injured according to Sky.

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According to reports at least three Togo players and the bus driver … According to reports at least three Togo players and the bus driver sufferedinjuries during the attack.'I'm okay but several players are in a bad state,' Togo and Nantes strikerThomas Dossevi told French radio station RMC.'We are still at hospital. We were machine-gunned like dogs and had to remain hidden under our seats for around 20 minutes to avoid the bullets.'A club spokesman for Manchester City said they were aware of the reports andwere trying to contact Adebayor to establish what has happened.


not good for the players involved then

guess they need to up their security for the wc

angola is hardly known for its stability is it? seems a strange place to hold a major sporting event.

so sad i hope they are ok it says unsure who's hurt as theyre all in different hospitals...but there was a lot of blood..


It reminds me, of those cricket incidents last year.


Does this mean Chelsea will now win the League by April as they will get all their players back when this tourney is cancelled?

Adebayor is not injured

I'd like to hope they got out of this scrape, but any professional soldier armed with a machine gun for 20 minutes could take out the whole team if the bus was stuck.



How sad. :-( And to make it worse on the way to a pointless tournament that will be forgotten about 10 mins after it ends. (5 mins after here)


And to make it worse on the way to a pointless tournament that will be … And to make it worse on the way to a pointless tournament that will be forgotten about 10 mins after it ends

Try telling that to the people of Africa :roll:

Togo striker Thomas Dossevi told France's RMC radio "We were machine-gunned, like dogs,"

??? Have I lead a sheltered life, or is it quite normal to machine gun dogs? :?


Adebayor is not injured

Prior to his departure for the tournament, Adebayor was asked whether he had any reservations about playing in the politically unstable Cabinda region.

He said: "We were born in Africa so we know what it's about. Some people might be afraid which is normal, I can understand that.

"But I'm going back to Africa, to one of the countries on my continent, and I'm prepared for Cabinda. I will enjoy myself."

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Try telling that to the people of Africa :roll:

I meant on a whole..........nothing is worth going through that and all football is pointless in respect of that.

Hopefully it doesn't impact on the tournament though. Also many conflicting reports at the mo saying 0 dead and 6 injured and others saying Driver dead and 2 medics and 2 players injured.

wow shocking, hope the people who are injured, are not critical

Shocking I see the competition officials were not expecting them to arrive by bus as they have quoted

Competition officials said they had not known that the Togolose team had decided to drive directly to Cabinda. They said they had expected the squad first to fly to the Angolan capital, Luanda, and from there to Cabinda.

Even worse is according to midfielder Alaixys Romao told RMC Togo were now likely to pull out of the 16-nation tournament.

"No-one wants to play," he said. "We're not capable of it. "We're thinking first of all about the health of our injured because there was a lot of blood on the ground.

I hope these terrorists got what they wanted! Bloody disgrace to football

Cabinda a brief geography

Oil-rich province cut off from the rest of Angola by DR Congo
Flec rebels fought for region's independence
Rebels laid down arms in 2006 but some unrest continues
Angola had dismissed concerns about staging games there

Move the african cup of nations to Kenya, they are nice people there!

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This seems to be the latest ]SOURCE

LUANDA — Gunmen shot at buses carrying Togo's football team to the A … LUANDA — Gunmen shot at buses carrying Togo's football team to the African Nations Cup in Angola on Friday, leaving one dead and nine wounded, but organisers insisted the tournament would go ahead.Two players were among the injured, while a driver was killed as bullets sprayed at the team's vehicles as they crossed into the troubled Angolan province of Cabinda from Congo-Brazzaville, according to a Togo official.Many dived under their seats when the gunfire started. Squad member Thomas Dossevi said the team -- one of the strongest in African football -- had been "fired on like dogs".Two players -- goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and defender Serge Akakpo -- were among the wounded, Dossevi told AFP."One of them (Akakpo) took a bullet in the back and the other (Obilale) was hit in the kidneys," Dossevi said. "The assailants were hooded and armed to the teeth. We stayed under the seats for 20 minutes. It was horrible."Obilale plays at French fifth division side GSI Pontivy while Akakpo plays with Romanian outfit Vaslui.Two English Premiership players -- Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor and Aston Villa midfielder Moustapha Salifou -- emerged unharmed from the attack, their clubs said. Related article: English clubs concerned for African stars in wake of attack[COLOR="Red"]The armed wing of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC), embroiled in a decades-long separatist struggle, claimed responsibility in a communique cited by Portugal's Lusa news agency."This operation is only the start of a series of targeted actions that will continue in all the territory of Cabinda," it said.[/COLOR]Friday's mid-afternoon ambush targetted Angolan armed forces escorting the Togolese side, FLEC said. It went on to claim that one person had been killed and three seriously wounded.FLEC signed a peace deal with Angola's government in 2006, but in recent months has claimed a spate of attacks on the military and foreign oil and construction workers in the province.The former FLEC leader who signed the peace deal, Antonio Bento Bembe denounced the shooting as a "terrorist" act. He added that his erstwhile rebellion no longer existed as a unified force."These are small, unorganised groups that sometimes undertake subversive actions, terrorist acts," said Bento Bembe, who now is an Angolan government minister. Related article: Troubled Angolan area brings violent start to African CupThe head of the Togolese football federation, Willy Dogbatse, told AFP that the other injured included members of the sporting, administrative and medical staff accompanying the team to the tournament that kicks off Sunday.All were being treated in a hospital in Cabinda city.The gunfire broke out as they were pulling away from the border crossing, players said.Richmond Forson, who plays with French fourth division side Thouars, told the French sports channel Infosport that a bus carrying the team's baggage took the worst of the gunfire."It was the baggage bus which went in front of us which took the bullets because they thought we were in there," Forson said.Alaixys Romao, who plays for the French top flight side Grenoble, said the team was in shock and did not want to take part in the tournament."We've got players wounded, members of staff, and we're all just waiting for news," Romao told Infosport. "If it is possible, there should be a boycott of the tournament. Why not cancel all the matches. We just want to go back home."But organisers said the games would go on."Our great concern is for the players, but the championship goes ahead," said Souleymane Habuba, spokesman for the Confederation of African Football.He said the group's vice president had set off for Cabinda to find out first hand what had occurred, but questioned why Togo had elected to travel by road rather than flying."CAF's regulations are clear: teams are required to fly rather than travel by bus," he said.Togo, one of Africa's top sides and who appeared in the last World Cup in Germany, were scheduled to start their campaign against Ghana on Monday in Cabinda.The other teams in their group are Burkina Faso and the star-studded Ivory Coast whose squad includes Chelsea striker Didier Drogba and Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure.Despite long-running security concerns, oil-rich Cabinda is to host seven Nations Cup matches this month.Angola as a whole is only just emerging from a 27-year civil war which erupted shortly after it received independence from Portugal and finally ended in 2002. Related article: Nations Cup fever grips Angola ahead of kick off

Seems to be that this could have been a lot worse; who knows how only one person died and it wasn't more. Terrible thing to happen and will obviously bring concerns over the safety of players/staff/supporters in the World Cup in S Africa (even though they are two very different countries)
And the bit in red above is a bit worrying

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Latest: -

Togo's football team are pulling out of the Africa Cup of Nations … Togo's football team are pulling out of the Africa Cup of Nations following a deadly gun attack on their team bus in Angola.Two players were shot and injured in the attack in Angola's northern province of Cabinda on Friday and the coach driver was killed. Organisers say the tournament will go ahead but Togo's players had been discussing whether they would stay. Team captain Emmanuel Adebayor said on Friday many players wanted to go home. The BBC's Russell Fuller in Angola says the head of the Ghanaian Football Association has confirmed to him that the Togolese team have pulled out. The Togo squad is on its way to the airport to leave the country, he says. Adebayor, who plays for Manchester City, told BBC Afrique: "I think a lot of players want to leave, I don't think they want to be at this tournament any more because they have seen their death already. "Most of the players want to go back to their family. No-one can sleep after what they have seen today." Among the nine people injured were two players, an assistant manager, physio, goalkeeping coach and another coach. The attackers machine-gunned the vehicle after it crossed from the Republic of Congo into Angola's oil-rich territory of Cabinda. Rebels who have been fighting for the region's independence later said they had carried out the attack. The Angolan government called the incident an "act of terrorism". Togo had been due to play their first cup game in Cabinda on Monday. The tournament's organisers, the Confederation of African Football (CAF), said the team should have travelled by air rather than road.



bring/send them all back and cancel the tournament

wonder how this will affect the world cup later this year?

i imagine every scammer/pirate in africa will be heading to the host cities in south africa

C.R.E.A.M = $$ bILLS Y'aLL

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MCFC have confirmed that Adebayor is on his way home - although there is no confirmation that Togo have withdrawn yet it looks likely that this will be announced officially soon enough


Also, unconfirmed reports that three (possibly four) more people have died as a result of their injuries



Confirmed that 3 have died so far:

A spokesman for the Togolese football federation said assistant coach Amalete Abalo and press officer Stanislaud Ocloo had died as well as the driver. ]Sky News


That's terrible. I don't blame the team for going home.
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