OMG I am completely bonkers!

    Before rushing out on the school run, I put the washing machine on as usual

    Just checked on it's progress and I forgot to put the washing in!


    LOL, what you like!

    omg, men in white coats... STAT!


    thats daft.......

    Cos you were in a hurry!!! What else will go wrong today! LOL

    :giggle: Done that before but mine won't work if its empty

    I'm so sorry but that made me laugh soooooo much, you made my day and just for that I have given you rep!

    LOL! Silly sausage! i tend to sometimes put the kettle in the fridge when im making a cup of tea =/

    I always blame it on a 'Senior moment'!!!

    At least the inside of the machine is clean

    Ha! That's funny :lol:

    Yesterday, I put my car keys in the wheelie bin instead of the rubbish that I had in my other hand.

    My bin had been emptied the day before so I had to try & get right to the bottom of the bin lol

    Original Poster

    Hahaha thanks all

    I thought I'd share - because I must admit I enjoyed laughing at myself!

    I went to put my sons dirty socks in the fridge last week.... I'm having a few senior moments lately.

    LOL - I also thought about how clean the machine would be inside!


    Original Poster

    I LOVE the catherine Tate show - lol!

    Lol, haven't done that before but i have forgotten to switch it on:oops:

    Doh!! I have 4 loads to do today (Yawn!) so I'd be here all day if I kept forgetting!!

    Classico at least we canaugh at ourselves when we have our moments don't think it's anything to do with age think it's too much on our minds too many jobs x x x

    i thought that was normal, i do it all the

    and put a chicken in the oven...and forget to turn it on..


    don't worry .............. ya just a woman


    don't worry .............. ya just a woman

    What do you mean?


    What do you mean?

    silly , inferior , easily confused etc
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