omg im writing this on my mobile

    omg i am lying in bed board and went on the net on my phone .! i cant belive u can post messages from ur mobile whooooooooo



    And you're out of credit in... 3... 2... 1.

    I hope that your life is now complete

    I hope it's an iPhone on wifi or you're going to have a hard time with this:
    :stocking: :gift: :santa: :w00t:


    Are you still there?
    Or did you lose your signal? :lol:


    lol iphones are sweet....a true mobile browser that isnt tedious to use...was thinking about buying one of them unlockdd ones of ebay

    Original Poster

    no i went to sleep im on comp now but it was just like seing the website on here but mini version i got the lg vewity and it costs me nothing i swindled a free 3 month trial whoop whoop :whistling:
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