OMG Its Snowing, in Croydon !!!

    didnt see this on the forecast


    omg you're in Croydon

    Whereas it's sunny in Ilford. Still looks a proper s***hole though...

    snowing in Liverpool too. Damn weather!

    5 minutes ago it was blazing sunshine and no clouds, and now it's very dark, cloudy and snowing. WTF?

    Was more like ice ran than snow.

    couldnt work out if it was sleet or snow here, just started but has been freezing all day

    typical to start just as I'm about to leave to walk up school!

    Glorious sunshine in Milton Keynes.

    Still freezing cold though.

    Blue sky and sunshine here in Chorley (Lancashire), folks!!8-) BLOODY COLD, THOUGH!!!!


    wow! just wow!

    was snowing in blackpool about an hr ago, stopped nowt how

    Snowing in Runcorn about 30mins ago...but not a drop in Warrington.

    Why are you in Croydon?

    Snow its very tricky to forecast as the conditions have to be just right. Bright and Sunny but windy in Lichfield Staffs

    meant to be snowing in uxbridge, im about 20 mins down the road and its bright and sunny here lol so dno if we will get any!

    I hope they've stocked up on salt & grit in the last couple of weeks

    Nice and sunny this afternoon, but freezing cold. No snow please.
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