OMG! Look to what I woke up tio!

    Well in the sunny part of Dorset and look at the weather!!


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    wheres the pics? I gather its snow, according to the forecast South was to have snow showers.


    Nice weather, we woke upto that yesterday in Scotland lol.

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    Im in Lytchett Matravers in Dorset (South). Not snow showers but heavy propoer snow. We don' notmally get proper snow in the south!

    NICE! We had snow like this a few weeks back....glad its gone, and prayin it doesnt come back was chaos for a week!

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    Yeah we also had it in early Feb - but this looks alot more!!! Just waiting to ehar if sonls school is shut. PLEASE no comments on whether it's right or wrong to shut schools in this thread!

    Somerset roads are .... interesting ..... today

    oh no not again!

    it very pretty. My daughter loves the snow...... i dont mind it for a day lol

    looks fab!

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    And son's school is shut!

    Sunny up north...

    Enjoy it today - make the most and have lots and lots of fun.

    Tomorrow - you'll be praying for rain! LOL

    We had a fab day when the snow fell here a few weeks back, it was so deep and the whole town was out sledging and making snowmen. There was a real community feel with everyone socialising!

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    Yeah when we had it bad a few weeks ago after the fiorst day I was hoping it would rain! We had it bad for 2 days then 2 days ok and then on the Friday it came again with avengance!

    Just took a "tea break" and in back garden with son:

    Bournemouth is white as well & there's even a couple of dudes surfing in the sea!


    You sleep in a garden?

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    Bournemouth is white as well & there's even a couple of dudes surfing in … Bournemouth is white as well & there's even a couple of dudes surfing in the sea!

    I had heard - I work i centre of Bournemouth but due to lots of snow (in village) and son's school being shut (in village) have worked from home today.

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    You sleep in a garden?

    LOL - are you referring to the little house in the garden in the picture!!! :-D


    Nice and sunny here.
    I'm even going out to change the oil in my car.
    Mind you, I DO live in the "frozen North" lol
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