OMG ne1 else watching jeremy kyle

    OMG ne1 else watching jeremy kyle, big girl with black hair on it NOW is vicky pollard ( little britain) double even done the yeah but no but......dont usually watch it but havent turned over since gmtv ..........this is TFF!!!




    She asked if you were!!

    she asked if i were

    Turn over before your brain melts. Doctors orders.

    I'll watch the ITV2 rerun, it's not often I'm home during the week and I love to watch Jeremy Kyle when I can.

    I didn't think people actually watched this..


    I watch it daily. it's brill!

    You get alot of the same type of people on there tho :whistling:


    You get alot of the same type of people on there tho :whistling:

    What? Polyester-clad howler monkeys? Or 'kyle-fodder' to their friends.

    Druggies, jailbirds....y'know
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