OMG...Front garden totally moss

    Just been out to cut the front grass and discovered it is almost total moss. Spent about 2 hours raking it up, but that hasn't really made a dent in it. It was fine last year. What do I do about it?
    Any easy options?


    Post in here i'm sure someone will be able to help :thumbsup:…pic

    Two methods either buy weed and feed (£9+ depending on size of garden), this will have a moss control agent in it or sulphate of iron this costs about £4. Using sulphate mix three tablespoons in your watering can, pour over garden and wait until moss turns brown/black and rake it out. Better still hire or buy a lawn rake as it is back breaking work.

    Well my back garden has a leaking gas pipe with a large bulge now appearing in the ground but at least there is nothing growing there so not all bad :thumbsup:

    We had a similar problem and bought an electric lawn raker a couple of years ago.
    It still takes time but far, far less effort.
    We took 5 black sacks of moss to the tip yesterday.
    Lawn looks very bare and sad after the first time but it picks up once the grass has a chance to grow again.

    Something like this :…UMQ

    Ours didn't cost this much , this is just an example of what I'm trying to describe.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all for your advice....looks like I'm going to put in a bit of hard work.


    My lawns need some TLC too.

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