Omid Djalili?

    Is he a funny guy?
    I'm thinking of getting the live dvd for my stepdad for his birthday...
    He likes peter kay, jimmy carr, ricky gervais etc
    Think he will like This?



    have you seen is program its *****

    get lee mack live ive got it ordered from hmv £3.99 free posted


    I think he is funny. Mind you, I detest Jimmy Carr. Ricky Gervais was at his best in The Office and Peter Kay is alright.

    Why not go to youtube, I'm sure there would be a clip somewhere - judge for yourself.

    Omid Djalili is brilliant! Check some of him on youtube. Think Ricky Gervais in animals and politics was brilliant, also think jimmy car and peter kay are overated...

    he is funny in interviews but his show is absolute garbage...try ross noble, lee mack or the mock the week dvd...think there all kicking about quiet cheap

    I think he is talking about his live stand up rather than his show. If you check out the show he did at 'Live at the apollo' you will get a good taste of his stand up routine as alot of it is repeated.

    if you did see his apollo show thats all he has so no need for the dvd murray is another you could try

    Lee evans?

    was thinking that cant fall off with this…tml

    Lee Evans 2007 Box Set (DVD and CD) (10 Discs) 12.99 delivered

    Yeah, all those mentioned in the thread are great. Ross Noble and Lee Mack are awesome.

    Omid has some good material, but he uses it over and over again. Far too old for me now...

    Original Poster

    Lee mack seemed good but its out of stock

    could try tim vine…tml

    6.99 not bad

    Dara O'Briain is funny too

    If he is doing his accents and dancing on it,it will be funny :-D
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