on a compaq laptop windows 7 keep getting asked by people to private messgae them my question etc, how do i find private message bit on laptop.

    on a Compaq laptop windows 7 , how do I private message someone. last time they asked I pressed reply for everyone to read on facebook , my address etc


    Private messages are specific to the chat software or website you're using, it's nothing to do with your laptop or windows 7. Are you asking how to send a private message on facebook?

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    yes usually been on say top cash back facebook page to say can not belive it has taken 8 months still not had cash back for say carinsurance so they say private message them my details off facebook page

    on the facebook page - look for their name and click it - that should take you to their facebook page - top right should be "Message" link - click it

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    thank you not very tecno that should help will try next time
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