on here how much would a 25 pound next watch go for>

Found 26th Nov 2009
its boxed and brand new



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including delivery



was going to say that too...................we have a next clearance shop here and everything half price. They have loads of watches instore all half price, brand new with the years guarantee:thumbsup:

post a pic OP


stick it on for what you want for it, people will offer less if they dont think its worth that, and dont forget to lock and wait a full 7 days before relisting

I quite like most next watches as I find their watches (and belt buckles in particular) are one of the few that I am not allergic to!

tree fidy

Try taking it back, I did it with a birthday present once, they gave me the amount back in vouchers.

Probably two days if fully wound or a year on a good battery.

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cheers all il put it on the for sale trade in a week

Less than £25.

closed @ ops request, thanks

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