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    Just finished a free months trial with Blockbuster on line rental.and would be interested to here some views on DVD rental on line.

    The reasons I have for quitting are:

    1 The absolutely terrible service that we get from Royal Mail these days ,I used to work for a Govt Dept that used Royal Mail and a couple of years ago I would have defended them to the hilt,but not now

    2 I like a free offer and I could move on to some other company.

    3 I never got any of the DVD's at the top of my Shaun of the Dead was my list throughout but I never even got a snifff of it.As was 21 grams and Mystic River.

    Anybody else tried the free trials?


    Thanks for the report DuckDodgers So you felt that Royal Mail is to blame for the slow turnaround times, not Blockbuster? Do any of the online rental programs use a courier instead?

    That number 3 point sucks...who wants to just get all the crappy movies at the bottom of your queue.

    As for free offers there's a few floating around. Check out the Hot Deals forum or do a Deal Search to find a few of the ones posted here.

    I'm looking forward to hearing other people's experiences too....

    currently on my 4th month trial with 4 companies. Blockbuster was very poor, Had over 50 dvds in my list, some of which were hardly new blockbusters, films like Se7en, twelve dead monkeys etc but got a mail saying all my choices were unavailable. Would recommend anyone trying all the sites, just read the small prints as they all have different terms.

    I have currently got a free trial with Tesco, if you decide to cancel it after 2 weeks thay will give you another 2 weeks, the service is great you can request a DVD to be sent ASAP got Kill Bill 2, the next day after requesting it from the Website.

    If you do a free trial it shows you how poor the mail is. 3 DVD's posted to you, often they will arrive over 2 days and you often post dvds back together but they arrive in drips and drabs at the other end. Quite frustrating when you're trying to fill your boots and get through as many films as possible

    But if it's free, you lose nothing. They lose your custom should you not be satisfied with the service. There are plenty of others to try too

    Original Poster

    I noticed the Tesco one yesterday,might give that a try.

    I did a free month with Blockbuster - the dvds all played properly & arrived 3-4 days after sending the previous ones back. However, their customer service is a disgrace. I never got a reply to e-mails, not even to the one I sent in reply to a request for feedback when I ended the trial. Also, it's not very clear that you have to activate your list, so I lost the first week of the trial - they wouldn't start the trial from the activation date even though they knew I hadn't received any goods from them!

    I'm now giving a try - they seem to have a much quicker turnaround (returned 3 Thursday, got 3 more today) & after that it will be, as I've been offered a free month with them. Once I've exhausted the available trials I may go back to, assuming the price works out OK.

    A good site to look at for dvd rental comparisons is

    This was on the 2500 and oldest misc page and was the 2nd oldest topic...the first oldest was locked...

    4 years and 3 months old it is


    This was on the 2500 and oldest misc page and was the 2nd oldest … This was on the 2500 and oldest misc page and was the 2nd oldest topic...the first oldest was locked...4 years and 3 months old it is

    omg. on other forums this behaviour earns a ban. :whistling:
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