On Line Pharmacies - Any Good?

    My wife gets shingles a couple of times a year and used to be prescribed Famvir and that dealt with it immediately.

    The Prescribing rules in our local Health Trust have changed and Famvir is no longer on their list because of the expense.

    Has anyone used online pharmacies to buy Famvir and if so, which one?
    I'm just cautious that it might not be the proper stuff.

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    There are a few around but you have to be careful which ones you use as they are known to breach UK legislation.
    At £4.00 per tablet, are there no alternatives that would work for your wife?


    I'm a pharmacist currently working for a high street chain. I would not purchase anything like that online as you cannot confirm the supply chain. Also that particular medicine is very powerful and a patient should be prescribed it under medical supervision. Have you asked your GP if he would prescribe it privately (non NHS) instead? Has you explored preventative measures if she is succeptible to it?
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