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Found 20th Feb 2005
For all you budding Welch speakers out there


A talking dictionary - well uffern dan (Hell's fire), whatever next!" My neighbour was so impressed he has been playing with it for hours - and now he wants to buy a computer just to visit V Wales. He has also given valuable advice and assistance with the whole course - many thanks Billy.
This is no ordinary dictionary - this one actually speaks the words to you, and with over
1,000 words it is a fantastic resource for any student of the Welsh language.
When time permits I will gradually extend the dictionary. Have fun!
Select the first letter of the English word you want to look up in the dictionary.
Welsh is one of the oldest languages that is still in use in the world today. It is far from a 'dead' language. It is spoken by over 750,000 people and this figure is rising steadily. The further west and north you go in Wales the more that you will find Welsh spoken.
Welsh is a phonetic language (you say what you see) and, despite its apparent complexity, this makes it an easy language to read, (even if you don't necessarily understand everything that you're reading).
The course should enable you to learn Welsh in a fun way, with lots of helpful audio pronunciation guides, and an extremely useful and innovative audio dictionary. It is intended as an enjoyable and informative introduction to the Welsh language, not a serious discourse on the technicalities, after all, where's the fun in that?
Following some criticism I should point out that there are minor exceptions to some of the rules of grammar in this course. I repeat, this course is an introduction to the Welsh language.
By far the most important aspects of learning a new language are increasing your vocabulary and practising your pronunciation, which I hope this course will achieve. There's time for all the technicalitites when you have a better grasp of the basics !

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- acecatcher3
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Diolch yn fawr, Maria (thank you very much)

This will come in handy for my very rusty welsh I'll probably learn it alot easier from this than I did in school.
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