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on-networks 200mb red light

Posted 30th Mar 2013
Just received another pair of On-networks Powerline 200mb, I connected one of them upstairs (already an existing one upstairs in a different room working perfectly), on the new one I am getting a red light on the "Performance Indicator". I am trying to use this one to connect a Xbox, it is working but why isn't it green like the other 2 I already got?
I followed the instruction, pressing the security button on the new unit, followed by pressing the security button on the existing one. I did a full reset, but still have the red light. If anyone could share any info, it would be great.
On-Network support chat line is closed for the week end, so trying to find a quicker answer to the problem, thanks
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i had this problem with mine. The problem was. where my ps3 is. the plug socket is running off different mains. so i now use the plug opposite in my room and thats a steady amber or green. move the plug (red light one) to another socket closer to the other one, and see if it changes colour. it'll still work on red no problem ( believe red means the connection is less than 10mbs)
Ok thanks, I will have to try that thus it is not really practical as I would have to run a longer Ethernet cable which defect the object. Thanks
Is it okay for me to bump this thread? I am also experiencing this now. I never had any problems with the extender until last week where the light is just red from 41mbps it is now reading 4mbps. OP did you find out why it was happening to you?
No but they are working now. You have to make sure that they share the same electric circuit. In my house for example we had an extension built, and the electric cabling is not linked to the rest of the house therefore I can't use the Powerline there unfortunately
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