On Pay as you go, looking to go on contract, need some advice.

    I'm on Vodafone, on pay as you go and hardly use my phone at all . I'm looking to go on contract and get the galaxy s2. If i phoned up Vodafone, will they offer me a better deal than those on sites like e2save etc ? and can i get an "upgrade" type deal as i'm already with them? or will it be like i'm a new customer going on contract and charge me a high price?


    Why would you want a new phone if you hardly use your phone?

    You'd probably be better off going for a new plan rather than upgrading from payg.

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    I hardly use me phone because my dad used to pay for my top ups and now expects me to pay for myself. so recently I've hardly been using it. I figured if i go on contract i'll have the mins and texts to use the phone, and i'll get a better handset.

    Personally I would go for a Sim only deal on a month by month basis rather than spend ridiculous monthly payments to get a phone (usually spending far more than it's worth).

    The bonus is that if you decide you no longer want the contract sim you can cancel with 30 days notice.


    You can't afford PAYG but you can afford a monthly contract?

    You need to ask yourself (and give yourself honest answers!):

    1. How many minutes do I use each month?
    2. How many texts do I send each month?
    3. How many of each do I need/want to send each month?

    It's pointless paying £30 for a monthly contract giving you 100's of minutes & unlimited texts each month if you're only going to be making, for example, £5 or £10 worth of calls & texts.

    And don't forget, with payg, if you're short of cash one month it doesn't matter, but with a contract you HAVE to pay each month, regardless of how skint you are.

    im not too up to date with PAYG rates now, but three do some good ones £10, £15 and i think £25 all in one packages.

    The only one i know for sure is £15 one you get 300 mins 3000 texts and all you can eat data! as far as im aware they are the only company that gives unlimited data. The only down side is you dont use it you loose it valid only for 30 days. Basicaly it makes it a rolling contract with no contract if that makes sence. The other tarrifs work the same way pay more get more pay less get less.

    Bought myself the HTS wildfire S found in phones4u for £144 with 15 credit but it is available from free on contract from them £20 a month for 500 mins 5000 texts and only 1gb of internet (easily eaten by smart ophones if your not careful)

    so PAYG wildfire s will cost you £144 +(£15x23 months)=£489 for 300 mins 3000 texts and unlimted data

    contract wildfire S will cost £20x24 month= £480 for 500 mins 5000 texts and 1gb data

    or upgrade to the one plan which is pretty much unlimited everything 2000 mins 5000 texts and unlimited data £25 for 24 months = £600

    but seeing at smart phones are data eaters and its pretty hard to use 300 mins and very hard to use 3000 texts i would go for the PAYG option

    Hope this helps you out

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