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The story behind Ruddles Best

Like most regional cask ales, Ruddles has an interesting story behind its creation. This world- famous ale was originally brewed in Englands smallest county Rutland.

The horseshoe has been the countys symbol for over 500 years. Tradition has it that royalty or peers of the realm who pass through Oakham, the county town, must present a horseshoe to the lord of the manor (HRH Princess Alexandra most recently performed this in 2005). In Rutland, horseshoes are displayed upside down, with the prongs facing downwards. The story behind this tradition is that the horseshoe is positioned this way so that the devil cannot sit in it! Of course, across the rest of the UK, a horseshoe with the prongs pointing upwards symbolises good fortune; in 2006, the horseshoe became the emblem for Ruddles Best and is now proudly emblazoned on the beers pump clip.

Why has Ruddles become so popular?

Who better to explain why customers are falling in love with the Rutland beer than the top Ruddles Best stockists in Wetherspoon. Week after week, these three houses have proven to stand head and shoulders above the rest, when it comes to selling this fine cask ale, with their average sales at nearly 1,500 pints a week! This surely proves that combining loyal and regular customers with great staff is truly the winning formula.
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