Once: A-lister Competition £5,000 Designer Clothes + stuff

My first post here, so please be gentle with me.
Updated: You need to have flash installed on your browser to be able to see it. Thanks to all who contributed.

You and friend could spend 24 hours basking in the celeb life style

a suite at claridges
dinner for 2 at a celeb hotspot
£5,000 designer clothes
limo at your service


Thanks. Rep added!


thanks, voted and repped, good luck everyone:thumbsup:

entered thanks

thanks - here's some heat

I cant find this competition or any details of it on that link?!


Nice one, thanks, voted hot

Can't find link - please post


Can't find link - please post

me too, I cant see anything on the TK Max page sbout a competition.

Where is it on the page.


You two need your eyes tested! Its on the right hand side of the front page labelled.. competition :whistling:


hmm i dont seem to get this what exactly do you have to do?


oh i got it..:D . Iv never seen anyone win these kind of competitions

Nice Find,entered cheers

thanks heat added :thumbsup:

thanks - entered

The people having trouble seeing it have Flash disabled/uninstalled.


The people having trouble seeing it have Flash disabled/uninstalled.

Thats why I could not see the competition at the right hand side.

However now I can see it and entered. thanks

Entered, thanks
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