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    Once: All Star Family Fortunes £5,000 Competition - Saturday 10/01

    Each week, we're giving one lucky viewer the chance to win £5,000 on All Star Family Fortunes.

    Question: Name something you put on your cornflakes.

    Answer: ? (Could be Milk or Sugar - I would assume more people put Milk on their cornflakes than put Sugar on)

    With 5 entries per household it might be worth doing 3 of Milk & 2 of Sugar or vice versa.

    (ITV Link : itv.com/Gam…ns/ )


    Original Poster



    Gone for broke and submitted 5 entries as milk! :thumbsup:

    Thaks for that! geat added

    entered thanks

    Entered, cheers.


    entered, thanks

    :thumbsup: thanks. i used milk in all 5 enteries. maybe it doesnt matter long as it makes sense or the 100 people have gave it as an answer. ??

    Milk all the way for me


    Milk for me!!
    Entered - thanks! :thumbsup:
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