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Found 20th Apr 2010
Set in the neo-noir, morally corrupt and nightmarish world of Grant City, Dead to Rights: Retribution (available to buy from 23 April through Namco) thrusts the player into the epicentre of an intensely dark, dangerous and tragic narrative as vice-cop Jack Slate and his canine companion Shadow fighting to expose the shadowy figures of Grant City and bring order back to the crumbling metropolis. The game introduces new gameplay elements that unify third-person shooting and brawling genres for a brutal and relentless new action-driven experience.

Grant City has fallen from its position as one of the worlds great cultural and financial centres, resting now under a heavy shroud of crime and widespread corruption. One man must take a stand to exorcise the evil that has robbed the town of its glory; that plagues the streets of his childhood. One man must take down the ruthless gangs that control the night, and weigh justice upon the power-hungry elite who unrepentantly bleed life from the City.

Step into the shoes of vice cop Jack Slate as he lays down the law and sets unbending rules of his own on a hard-hitting, rapid-fire mission to clean up Grant City the hard way.

Betrayed, cast-out and ruthlessly hunted, Jack wages a war of attrition, armed only with a gun, his bare hands, and an intimidating four-legged friend: Shadow, a ferociously large and loyal canine. Together, man and beast shoot, brawl, claw and gnaw their way through the underbelly of the City, only to uncover a shocking conspiracy that threatens to shake their world to its very core!

We've got SIX copies up for grabs - THREE X360 and THREE PS3!!

Q:How much can you win for posting in our Hints & Tips Forums?
A: £25
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a ps3 and a xbox360 game oO, now thats weird
Many thanks
thanks andy
thanks :thumbsup:
British magazines NEVER EVER and I mean EVER give out anything. In my experience at least. happened with a nintendo magazine once. I called around to chase it up and no one knew of anything I was talking about as the number given IN the magazine was an incorrect number entirely - which was later disconencted.

Oh well, worth a try. Hot.
Thanx Andy:thumbsup:
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