Once: Four Linksys by Cisco Media Hubs to be won

This month, PCW has teamed up with Cisco to offer readers a chance to win one of four Linksys by Cisco Media Hubs, each worth £269.

Designed to simplify access to and interaction with digital content, Media Hub gathers, organises and presents all the digital video, photos and music that users have spread across various devices in the home.

Easily enabled with just a few clicks of a button, remote access allows users to view, upload and download all their media through an easy-to-use interface accessible in the home and throughout the world via www.ciscomediahub.com.

Media Hub is the perfect solution for consumers with extensive digital media libraries who are looking to eliminate the complexity of managing their collections. Sharing media on multiple devices within the home is easy with the Media Hubs media and iTunes server and the device automatically searches the network for other media devices to present all available digital media to the user in a single location.

Content accessible to the Media Hub is presented in a browser-based, simple-to-navigate user interface. Music albums are consolidated and presented together with the appropriate album art, regardless of where the tracks reside within the network, eliminating the need to know which device music is stored on. Photos and videos are presented using thumbnail images that are easily organised by date or name.

Answer : iTunes Server



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