Once: Jet2 Name That Destination Competition - Starts Friday - SECOND CHANCE - 1000 more Free Flights!

The main competition ran last week and they gave away 20,000 free flights (I won one! woo!) . It was a huge success and now they are giving away a further 1000 THIS FRIDAY (6th). Same questions as before ;-) The answers are....

1. Menorca
2. Prague
3. Salzburg
4. Sardinia
5. Crete
6. Sharm el Sheikh
7. Barcelona
8. Alicante
9. Almeria
10. Amsterdam
11. Avignon
12. Belfast
13. D?ldorf
14. Newquay
15. Larnaca
16. Paphos (Cyprus)
17. Jersey
18. La Rochelle
19. Split (Croatia)
20. Krakow
21. Murcia
22. Budapest
23. Corfu
24. Cork
25. Dalaman
26. Dubrovnik
27. Tel Aviv
28. Rhodes
29. Albert
30. Blackpool
31. Tenerife
32. Rome
33. Malaga
34. Lanzarote
35. Venice
36. Algarve
37. Pisa
38. Toulouse
39. Paris
40. Geneva
41. Chambery
42. Majorca
43. Nice
44. Ibiza
45. Milan



thanks for the heads up - how did you know the answers?

Original Poster


thanks for the heads up - how did you know the answers?

The images they use are all from the destinations guides on the website. I worked it out myself before I read the HUKD post about the other competition, but it acted as a good double-check! The list was just copied and pasted from the other posting though, so I can't take all the credit!

well done on the win too! HOT

where does it say on the website that this is happening? i cant see it anywhere!

Original Poster

It's gone off now, the site was updated with winners list and notification of the comp on friday, but it's all dissappeared now!

Cheers for posting - Voted Hot

Original Poster

Everybody ready?!

The JET2 website is a diaster!!!

Very frustrating - site kept crashing but Ive managed to get two entries in so fingers crossed.

dont forget to enter NOWshame its only 1 ticket, but at least its a return lol, and it has to be used by the winner

did anyone win?

my girlfriend won

winners email received today....
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