Once: loads of film based comps

Found 6th Nov 2009
there are about 23 different comps here all film based
answer for 1st comp (fritz lang comp).......metropolis.

someone with more time and intelligence may wish to post all the answers!
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answer to 2nd comp Saw V1 is Peter Strahm
time yes, intelligence no but here you are.....

fritz - metropolis
saw 6 - peter straum
tcm - turner classic movies
house/left - dennis iliadis
beyond remedy - physc hospital
horsemen - ....after tomorrow
paws on goodies - clooney
xmen origins - jackman
last summer wine - yorkshire
summers moon - greene
book of blood - hellraiser
last chance harvey - fockers
blood last vamp - chris nahon william kong
obsessed - destiny's child
fired up - gluck
british heroes - wild geese
jennifers bod - juno
peep show - mitchell webb
year one - school of rock
night livin dead - george a romero * (this one seems to have disappeared now)
off to see wizard - rainbow
spitting image - thatcher
jennifers bod (again?) - fox

apologies for abbreviations/spelling mistakes

btw the recaptcha box at the bottom of each page is more entertaining on 'sound', think some are from 'specialist' films had to enter "oh" 3 times lol

this one just popped up (unfortunate innuendo after last paragraph) , ............. night museum - extras

grr and this one ....... men who stare at goats - clooney
that was quick compty dumpty, rep called for methinks:thumbsup:
would rep you but cant
cant pm either

that was quick compty dumpty, rep called for methinks:thumbsup:would rep … that was quick compty dumpty, rep called for methinks:thumbsup:would rep you but cantcant pm either

no probs chezz. have enabled pms now, must have felt unsociable when signed up lol.

btw evry1 that living dead one is back again so these must be rotated a bit.
Thankyou for all the answers as well
Compty Dumpty x
no worries jeany

another one ......

santa claus - dudley moore (or 'dudle moore' according to the choices)
Thank you chezz :-D

And huge thanks compty :thumbsup:
thanks chezz and compty dumpty
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